Nothing can let in winter’s freezing air like drafty windows. If you’ve ever walked past your windows and got a sudden case of the shivers, you know that improperly insulated or insufficiently sealed windows do a poor job of keeping out the cold. The biggest area in which drafty windows can cause a chill is in your wallet as your heating bills go through the roof. Older homes can be particularly vulnerable to window drafts. It’s important to manage your window drafts to keep your energy bills low this winter by utilizing these and similar methods.

  • Window Film: These inexpensive kits are sold in many stores across the state. They contain a plastic film that you place over the window, then heat up with a hair dryer. The heat from the hair dryer shrinks the plastic and creates the seal. These can be somewhat effective for poorly insulated window glass. This process won’t harm your windows and is easy to carry out.
  • Draft Stoppers: Draft stoppers, otherwise known as draft dodgers, are usually placed on the bottom of windows and doors to accommodate for any gaps. You don’t lose the function of the door or window with draft stoppers. You can use anything from homemade sock draft stoppers to commercial products that attach directly to your window sills. If gaps at the bottom of your doors and windows are an issue, draft stoppers are a good temporary fix.  
  • Caulking: The caulking around your windows begins to break down as it ages, creating gaps that allow air to leak in. This is a fairly easy problem to fix with an inexpensive caulking gun and a tube or two of caulk. Go over the inside and outside of the window carefully on any spots where the caulking has visibly worn away.
  • Thermal Curtains: These insulated, heavy curtains come in many colors and styles. While you have to keep them shut to be effective, they are fairly effective at keeping cold out and heat inside your home. If you prefer to have your curtains open to let the light in during winter’s darker days, however, you might not want to opt for these.

Window Replacement

These methods are generally effective at cutting down some of the draft, however, they only go so far. If you notice that your windows are letting in so much cold air that these tricks are inefficient, or you’re seeing ice on your window glass or condensation between the panes, you should consider replacing your windows. Many homeowners are concerned about the cost of replacement. However, since drafty, poorly insulated windows can cause such a substantial increase in your heating bills, it’s a cost-effective option in the long run.

Don’t let drafty windows inflate your energy bill unnecessarily. If you’re considering replacing your existing insufficient windows, Budget Exteriors can help. We offer installation of energy-efficient windows in a variety of styles to suit your home. Call us today for more information at 781-504-2346. For additional advice on winterizing your home, visit us on Facebook at