When you own an older home, you’re likely to find drafts and other construction problems that newer houses don’t have.  The wear and tear of wind, sun, snow, ice, and rain can diminish how the construction of your home protects you from the elements.  Older homes also may have shifted on their foundation creating cracks and drafts, and old windows may have become thin over time allowing drafts to enter the home.

Older homes are more susceptible to drafts, especially around windows and doors, due to simple aging materials.  However, you don’t have to deal with high electric bills all season long as you attempt to heat or cool your home.  Here are some tips on keeping your home up to date and energy efficient, no matter the age.

  1. Invest in new doors. Depending on the type of door you already have, a new door may be made of more durable material that has been improved to reduce air flow.  Consider insulated doors and use insulation tape to seal up any drafts along the framework.  If your home has shifted on your foundation, it is quite possible the seal of the doorway has been compromised.
  2. Add insulation. Insulation can settle, decreasing its effectiveness.  While most insulation holds up reasonably well over a very long period of time, your older home may be in need of a fresh layer.  Talk with your energy provider to determine if there are cost saving methods and tax breaks available to be more energy efficient.
  3. Examine your HVAC system. If your aging HVAC system is supplying enough cold or warm air to control your home’s interior temperature, take a look at the ducts.  If you feel air coming out of joints, there are some do-it-yourself materials available to help seal the drafts. 
  4. Replace your windows. Just like your doors, windows need to be upgraded as well.  Old windows can wear down, and may not have the double pane, gas filled, protection that newer replacement windows have.  Drafts around the frames and thin glass allow air to move between the outside and interior of your home making it nearly impossible to keep your electric bills down.

With just a few minor improvements, your beautiful old home can retain its charm and history while keeping you protected and your energy bills at a minimum.  Vinyl replacement windows installed by our team at Budget Exteriors are available in any shape and size and will retain the look and style of your home. 

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