Even in the middle of winter, homeowners throughout New England are thinking about their siding.  Is their siding holding up during the winter storms?  Is it insulating their home as it should?  Does it need to be replaced as soon as the ground thaws?  These questions and more can keep a person up at night, that’s for sure.  But with siding from Budget Exteriors, you can rest easy.

Choosing when to replace your siding is a big decision.  If you are looking to move within the next 5 years, you’ll get a great return on your investment when you put your house on the market.  Even if you aren’t selling any time soon, you’ll benefit in other ways, such as:

  • Better insulation which will result in lower heating and cooling bills
  • Removal of drafty areas around doors and windows
  • Reduction of maintenance and painting costs year after year
  • Improved walk-up or curb appeal that you can enjoy for the next 20-30 years or more
  • Home protection in even the most inclement weather situations

Vinyl siding doesn’t soak up water like old wood composite does as it ages.  It is cost effective and extremely versatile in colors and texture.  With vinyl siding, you can choose from various styles that closely resemble almost any look you want to achieve.  If you love the appearance of cedar shakes, for example, but are concerned about how the material will hold up during the winter months, vinyl is a great option.  The product is incredibly durable and comes with outstanding warranties.

At Budge Exteriors, we love helping homeowners create a new look for their home.  The additional benefits of affordability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency only add to the ongoing benefits that vinyl siding provides.  If you are interested in vinyl siding or have questions, call our office to set up a home evaluation. 

Siding your house with our Crane Board vinyl siding will keep your home well-insulated and protect you from all of the elements we tend to experience in our region.  Your home will look great and you’ll have minimized the amount of maintenance that other siding products tend to demand. 

This winter, if you are concerned about your siding or if your energy bills increase more than normal, consider replacing your old siding.  You’ll sleep soundly knowing your home is protected with the highest quality siding materials.  Call us to set up a home evaluation at 978-289-9222.  Keep up to date with the latest in Vinyl Siding by follow us on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Budget-Exteriors.