Welcome to Budget Exteriors

Budget Exteriors offers the home improvement solutions you have been looking for. Budget Exteriors is able to deliver the products and services that to this point were only available through large regional or national home improvement companies and do it for families on a budget.

Here are just a few of the locations we service but not limited to these areas:


Budget Exteriors is your source for everything that you need to improve your home the way that you want to. There are many other companies that will provide the same materials at 10 times the cost. We have taken the concept of wholesale and brought it to the home consumer.

Before we came along, a home consumer was forced to work within a very limited range of prices. Those prices were set by the company after several markups along the way. This was simply not what homeowners needed or were looking for. Boston had a few companies that offered a mild discount here and there. Those discounts were based on the products they were trying to move at a certain time and that usually meant the products that no one wanted.

Budget Exteriors believes that a family trying to improve their home in the Boston area should have the chance to do so at factory cost. We believe that the difference between a good community and a great community is the care that people take and the pride that people take in their homes. We want to help the community make the most of what Boston can be and that starts in the home.

Manchester NH

Manchester is one of the oldest and most historic places in the United States. It is a place of beauty and a place where the homes make the vista that is Manchester. People take pride in their homes and in the property that these homes reside upon.

Budget Exteriors has a belief that everyone should be given the opportunity to make the most of the property that they call home. Most of the time, it is hard for a family or homeowner to do so because the cost can get very high and quickly. We want to pass the savings that we have put together on to those that really desire to make the most of their homes.

We offer Manchester the opportunity to save hundreds, if not thousands on improving the exterior of their home. Whether it is a simple job of repaving the driveway or a complex job of landscaping the entire property, we are there to make the job easy and inexpensive. Just stop in and take a look. We are here to answer questions and to make everything as easy as possible.

Andover MA

Andover has some of the most beautiful landscapes that can be seen in the United States. It is a panorama of greens and reds that can stop the heart when someone stops and looks at it. The homes are a part of that vista and we believe that people should be able to afford to make the most of their homes and their property.

This is why we offer the lowest prices possible on everything that is needed to properly landscape and care for the exterior of the home. We allow people to create the vision that is in their mind of what their property can be. We do this and we do this at a fraction of the cost. Budget Exteriors is superior to other suppliers because we offer the best quality at the lowest prices.

We give everyone the ability to make the most of their home and the most of their property. We do this at a cost that makes decorating and home exterior design possible for everyone. Never worry about the cost, plan your home exterior as you want it and then let us make that happen for you. We can make your dream home more than just a dream.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is one of those places in the United States where a person can look around and imagine the past. Budget Exteriors makes it easy for a homeowner to create their dreams in reality. Whether it is just a little tinkering with the exterior or a rebuild of the entire outdoors, Budget Exteriors is the key to making this dream come true.

Most dreams end with the bill. A person has a vision and then finds out the cost involved. Budget Exteriors never wants the cost to end the dream. Dream and dream big and let us worry about the cost. We can make this happen for you at the lowest possible price. This is the key to making your dreams come true.

You can get the same prices on the supplies that large companies get which will make the exterior of your home the talk of the town. There is no reason to pay five times or even 10 times the cost when redoing the exterior of your home. Let Budget Exteriors help you realize your visions for your home and let us help you make your home everything that it can be.